SDLG scores a ‘hole in one’

by SDLG | Oct 15, 2020 | News & Event

UAE contractor, Desert Group LLC, is putting two SDLG wheel loaders to work on a golf course landscaping project in Abu Dhabi.

Last August, SDLG delivered two units of L968F wheel loaders to landscaping and construction company, Desert Group LLC. The loaders are being used on a year-long project to build a 9-hole golf course on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, where their uptime is crucial to completing the development on time.
The loaders will be used to transport off-site materials onto the golf course, including boulders and sand, which will be used for landscaping. “The loaders will be covering roughly 1.2km in distance with each trip they make, so having a smooth loading and delivery process is really important to keep us on schedule,” says Lawrence Walsh, manager at Desert Group LLC. “If there’s any downtime on these machines, we can’t get things done but so far there’s been minimal service and repairs, which makes our job very easy.”

Tough conditions

The main challenge when working in desert conditions is not only the heat but the dust too. “We have to clean the filters regularly and ensure regular breaks for staff, especially during the summer,” Walsh adds.
Luckily, the loaders are built for the job. “The technology isn’t as advanced but that was never my main priority,” says John Richards, workshop manager at Desert Group LLC. “We wanted something simple and reliable, easy to fix, easy to use and with good fuel efficiency.”
The operators are in favour of the machines too: “They like the ergonomics of the machine, the added sun visors and the way the controls feel in their hands,” Richards adds. “Not to mention the positioning of the seat and adjustable steering wheel too.”

Strength in relationships

Among colleagues, and between dealers and customers, strong relationships are an important part of ensuring a job runs smoothly. “My team and I have a very good relationship, I know they will be there for me if they need any help,” Richards says.
The company also has a very good relationship with SDLG dealer, Famco. Joseph Gomez, project manager at Desert Group LLC, says: “Famco have been absolutely fantastic with their service; any time we have an issue, which is very rare, they are here within hours.”
“SDLG is a great partner for us,” Richards concludes. “Our challenge as a contractor is that time equals money and if we don’t have reliable machines, we can’t make money. Our partnership with FAMCO UAE and SDLG has been brilliant so far and we will definitely choose them again for future projects.”

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